StarBots is powered by ChatBot engine!
Using the tutorials, anyone should be able to build a chatbot and publish. However as with any developing/building process, it takes time to learn. Members already familiar with ChatBot or any Chatbot platform and those willing to learn and take action, will benefit most of StarBots service.
If one is not tech-savvy, that's all right. There are many freelancers on fiverr.com or freelancer.com and other freelancers sites, willing to help you building your chatbot on StarBots.
StarBots is a Self Help Service. On script malfunctions and server issues, we will forward to ChatBot supportdesk. Support is 24/7 Ticketsystem. English only.
On StarBots.nl we have video tutorials and ebooks. These are self study e-learning materials as offered by ChatBot.
If you don't succeed to develop and publish a chatbot within 30 days of purchase, on request all payments will be refunded at once!. That's a guarantee! Mail for refund to: [email protected]. Mail us your email adress + PayPal transaction id. After verification we will refund your payment.